Saturday, 29 August 2015

Silk Touch & Mob Spawners

I've enabled an exciting new feature that I'm sure will prove very popular!

Players of Citizen rank or higher can now mine dungeon and abandoned mine shaft mob spawners using the Silk Touch enchantment and place them wherever they want!

Here's the details you'll need to know (please read carefully);
  • These features are only available to players of Citizen rank or above.
  • If you are below Citizen rank then the spawner will just be destroyed as usual.
  • If you are below Citizen rank you cannot place mob spawners.
  • The mineable and placeable spawners are; 
    • Zombie, Skeleton, Spider & Cave Spider.
  • Silverfish & Blaze spawners are not mineable, due to griefing potential.
  • The spawner will be destroyed unless your pickaxe has the Silk Touch enchantment.
  • Spawners can only be placed in the main world and Veteran World.


-Jav0330 said...

Any chance of getting a version of the "Spawner" command so players can take these spawners and set them to create non-aggressive mob types like cows or horses? Or be able to change a zombie spawner to a skeleton one?

(Hey, a guy can dream. xD )

DiggyWig said...

Non-aggressive types is a no I'm afraid it would make farming certain resources way too easy :)

That said, I am looking at allowing the spawners to be switched between the four already obtainable types. Obviously it will have a fairly high cost though so it's not overused / abused.

Watch this space! :)