Saturday, 7 March 2015

Tinkers Construct Knapsacks

Unfortunately I have had to ban the Knapsack item from Tinkers Construct.

I did not take this decision lightly, their is no other option. The problem is that it can be used to take items into minigames, bypassing the separate inventory system and allowing cheating, for example by taking a parachute into parkour. 

The crafting of knapsacks has been banned with immediate effect and trying to remove an already fitted one will result in it being confiscated.

If you are currently using a knapsack do not try and remove it, player data files will be scanned within the hour and if you leave the knapsack in place it will be removed safely, returning the contents to your inventory. You can however safely remove items from your knapsack before this happens if you wish.

Just to remind everyone, you can still use the Ender Link to access your Ender Chest from anywhere and use Doggy Talents dogs and Chocobos to carry extra inventory with you.

Update: In the end only 6 players actually had Knapsacks with anything in them so not a big deal loosing them, I may look at adding some kind of backpack or portable inventory system to DiggysStuff in the future though if enough people feel it would be a useful addition.


Will Watson said...

Hi, Hellbinder (was basebildhelper) here, i have a knapsack eigher on me or in a chest somewhere, i am not able to get onto the server because my laptop is having memory issuses so please remove it for me, thanks! p.s: if you don't know where my home is, ask DigginChickin :D

Anonymous said...

Not a big loss tbh enderlink is much more useful and probably safer. Plus so many players only play on servers that have games now but not many would care about the knapsack.

DiggyWig said...

Any items that you had in it will be in your inventory next time you join, if it's in a chest it will be taken automatically next time you pick it up, hope you manage to sort the laptop issues out soon :)

DiggyWig said...

Yeah I only use the Ender Link myself and yes it probably is safer, although even the Knapsack was a little safer than the old Alchemy Bags from Tekkit Classic :)

You're right, in the end very few players actually had a Knapsack with anything in it, whereas the minigames are played hundreds of times a week by a much higher number of players, minigames proved to be hugely popular on Tekkit Classic and are a big must for many players so it's probably one of our most important server features when it comes to getting new regular players :)

Will Watson said...

I should be getting a PC built for gaming soon so it wont be too long! Thanks!