Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Version 1.3.4a Released!

Main changes in this version:
  • Updated DiggysStuff to 1.5.9a (was 1.5.9); Flight Beacon renamed to Flight Cube, recipe also changed. Major Flight Cube code changes and bug fix.
As always you can find full details in the Changelog on Technic Platform.

The Flight Beacon, or as it's now known the Flight Cube has finally arrived!

The crafting recipe has changed several times since we first started testing it.
We think the final one is suitably expensive, requires a fair amount of work 
to gather the required items and fits well with its function etc.

The Flight Cube can be used both in the normal world AND Veteran World!

Things you should know;
  • Passing through a Flight Cube gives 1 minute of flight time (infinite uses).
  • When you pass through the Flight Cube you instantly start flying.
  • If the Flight Cube potion effect is already active then passing through a Flight Cube will reset its timer back to 1 minute.. without interrupting your flight! 
  • Passing through a Flight Cube when the Flight Stone potion effect is active will have no effect.
  • The Flight Stone will not activate or use fuel when the Flight Cube potion effect is already active.

As you can see the Flight Cube is no longer a full block, it's 20% smaller
on each side, we think this looks better as it makes it look like it's floating!

If you would like to try one out then head to Vault World!

This is a mandatory update and is required to join the server.



-Jav0330 said...

Mind telling your players EXACTLY How they are to get the one bullion to begin with?

Cant fashion a mint.

Cant BUY them at the bank.

"Not supposed" to be used as currency.

Aside from the jackpot on a slot machine that should pay out diggy-o-lite instead of XP, a way to familiar reward..

So how do we get the ONE to USE the table?

Just curious.

DiggyWig said...

You seem to be confusing the Metallurgy Bullion with the DiggysStuff bullion.

The Metallurgy Mint is unstable in 1.6.4 SMP (it was still in early development) and although it can also make items named Bullion (disabled in DiggyVerse) it is in no way related to the currency items from my mod which work completely differently. You can check which mod an item/block is from by looking at the text under its name.

The Bullion was added mainly as a way of storing large quantities of money in Vault World (requested by a few players during testing). As it says at the Bank they cannot be bought at Spawn but can be crafted, the recipes for all the currency items can be found in NEI as usual.

Exp has only been used as the lowest prizes on the Mega-Slot. I realise that you have a mob grinder built around a spawner so you have a ready supply of Exp, but for other players the Exp is more useful.

Diggyolite is worth over $200 per chunk and one of it's main purposes is to give players more reason to visit The End and Nether so I don't think it would be suitable as a prize for the Slots. I have recently changed the second and third lowest prizes to be more in line with the jackpot though, as well as increasing the jackpot on the Mobs-Slot and all payouts except the lowest prize on the Yogs-Slot.

Hope that helps :)