Monday, 29 February 2016

Sneak Peek - The End

As promised here's the first sneak peak of some of the new features in DiggyVerse 2.0!

First up some new additions to my Diggys Stuff mod which make  visits to The End
even more rewarding... and a little more dangerous... 

Purple End Stone has become Infused End Stone and now has even more uses as well as having rare Thaumcraft Aspects, you'll also notice two major new additions...

Decayed End Stone and Ender Weed!

Both of these new additions have strange new properties and contain Thaumcraft Aspects, with Ender Weed being a vital ingredient in the recipes of some awesome new functional items. It will only grow in the unique environment of The End though, where areas cannot be protected, so farming it will be a challenge! 


-Jav0330 said...

Enderweed.. We need a permit or can anyone grow? Will there be taxes levied? xD

ETA on the switch boss? I'm running behind here.. Yeah yeah.. I know its "Par for the course" but still.. :P

I feel like the guy waiting for the eviction notice sometimes. LOL

DiggyWig said...

Um yeah it's not that kind of weed, lol

An ETA for the launch date has been on the website for nearly a week now, the DV2 page is the best place to check for the latest news on it :)

Bear in mind though that the server will go down two days before the date shown to allow time to get everything switched over! I'll post reminders nearer the time.